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Corner Store

3710 Sperryville Pike Sperryville, va 22740
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About Us

Welcome to the

Everything you need in one place

in Beautiful Sperryville, va

Sperryville Corner Store

The Sperryville Corner Store has been in buisness for over 150 years!

Our country store has an abundant selection of fresh meats and seafood. We carry an array of Virginia and international wines. Our selection of American Craft and import beers is something in which we take great pride. We have an abundance of fresh, local seasonal produce, house-made sandwiches for your hike, and snacks a plenty.

We carry everything you need, from cereal to fresh heirloom tomatoes, local herbs, fresh mozzarella, sushi grade tuna, scallops, salmon, and gourmet chocolates. We also carry the country store staples you may need for your weekend visit. Need fishin' worms? We've got them.

The Corner Store was run by Randolph Clater from 1958 until 2000 when he passed the token over to the Thompson family. Andy Thompson has updated the store's products while maintaining the heritage of the store's soul. Randolph continued to work the meat counter until August of 2015; now Ben carries on the tradition. Want a burger cooked rare? No worries, Ben made the burger this morning with fresh cuts of 100% choice beef chuck. Maybe you're in the mood for Ribeye or N.Y. Strip. Would an inch-and-a-half cut of well-marbled, freshly sliced steak do?

The Sperryville Corner Store is one-of-a-kind, a place stuck in time, yet somehow so right in the modern world in which we live. Everything has come full circle. Local produce, friendly atmosphere, and a deep appreciation for the land, the mountains, and everyone in between help to make this magical place a reality.